A Woman's Journey

Life is all about change and with the debut of "It's a Woman's World," I am throwing my hat into the blogosphere and I couldn't be more excited.
When I started my career over 25 years ago, I couldn't have imagined the journey that would lead me to become the president and CEO of my own firm.  I began my career in the public sector before joining Corporate America and steadily climbing that ladder towards remarkable heights.  Along the way, I had the great fortune to meet many wonderful leaders, learn countless invaluable lessons and come into contact with amazing women that I am proud to say I can call not only my mentors, but my friends.
As the title implies, this blog will be primarily about women.  Specifically, how do we as women do more than just survive in the business world, but thrive?  It's not just about presenting a professional image or being smart.  It's also about being creative, resourceful, authentic and having a strong sense of self.  Whether you are attempting to navigate Corporate America or taking the path to entrepreneurship, there are tools all women can use to stay the course for their goals.  Some of the themes I will explore in this blog will be how to survive Corporate America, such as how to tap into your natural resources for success and the importance of taking calculated risks.  On occasion, I will also use this space to interview leading women in business about their lessons learned and delve into the wisdom that can be gained from their own unique experiences.
I'll also discuss the importance of mentors, both in business and in your personal life.  Being successful means you must surround yourself with people who can give you good, sometimes tough advice, but also be a cheerleader when you need it.  For me personally, strong women have played a tremendous role in my own life including my aunt, my mother and various school teachers.  Even today, I have a fantastic circle of girlfriends from all walks of life who I can reach out to for different types of support, from sound business advice to the occasional much-needed glass of wine after a day of keeping a million balls in the air. 
I have been a longtime reader and supporter of TCW and its mission of empowering the modern Chicago woman.  I am honored the magazine has asked me to be a part of its new media platform and am thrilled to have the opportunity to spotlight issues important to all women.  I hope you enjoy taking this adventure with me.
Thanks and see you soon!
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