Pulido Sanchez Communications Team

Pulido Sanchez Communications, LLC is a Chicago-based strategic communications firm that increases visibility and market share for our clients through effective marketing, communications and business development strategies. President and CEO Pat Pulido Sanchez, has over 25 years of experience working in the Chicago marketplace. What sets Pulido Sanchez Communications, LLC apart is access to our senior talent, which is readily available to our clients, ensuring that the execution of strategy is helmed by seasoned and experienced professionals.

We have represented a range of clients from financial services to consumer products to high-profile Chicago events. Among the clients we have served include Altura Capital, Crown Imports, Sodexo and the Mexican consulate in Chicago for the 200th anniversary celebration of Mexico’s independence. Our multicultural experience and long-standing credibility within Chicago allows us to leverage our diverse network of high-level business, civic, philanthropic and community relationships. We have a direct line to key influencers, which provides our clients with the opportunity to build strategic partnerships that meet their needs.

Whether it’s Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C), Pulido Sanchez Communications, LLC has the depth of knowledge to develop and execute marketing and communications strategies that help to increase market share. Our strategic approach is research based and provides the knowledge platform necessary to create practical and relevant brand and business solutions for our clients. We can address a range of research needs including evaluation of brand presence, imagery refinement, brand evolution, positioning as well as overall brand health assessments.

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