Golf: More than just a Game

My apolgies for being a bit quiet over the last few weeks, due a busy and productive time.
I recently had the opportunity to travel to Alabama to watch the LPGA Classic and I have to say it was a fantastic experience.  Watching the strength, skill and sheer determination of these women against the lush green courses of the South was fascinating and a real treat.
I had never had much interest in the golf until I went to work for Anheuser-Busch Companies.  I think like most women, I found it a bit boring and never saw much need for it.  My introduction to golf came when I was tasked with spearheading a series of golf tournaments as a vehicle to both work with local wholesalers, community as well as raising scholarship money for local students.  It was our way of giving back to the communities in which we did business.  However, I quickly realized that in the world of business, golf is a universal language and it would behoove me to learn more about the game.   Now, I'm addicted; even as I write this, I'm itching to get on the golf course and shake off the rust of winter.
In general sports and business have always gone together.  Clients are typically impressed if your company has a box at a local sports arena and love being able to watch the game from the comfort of a luxury skybox.  Or if you're able to score tickets behind home plate or courtside, it goes a long way towards building and maintaining positive business relationships. 
By and large though, the majority of business deals are hammered out on the green.  For one thing, the golf course is quiet, lending itself to meaningful conversation.  It's hard to talk shop over the roar of the crowd.  How often do you get to spend four and a half hours with someone in beautiful surroundings, oftentimes great weather.   Additionally, while it's fun to attend a football or basketball game, you're not an active participant; when you play golf, you and your client or business associates get to be in the game and employ your own strategy for winning.    
Another aspect of golf and business that has always been intriguing to me is the insight it gives into HOW people conduct business and even their character.  You get to see their strategy at work:  are they thoughtful and methodical in their approach or do they swing first and ask questions later?  What's their personality like?  Do they get upset when they land in the bunker or do they take it all in stride?  Are they honest about the number of strokes they took on a hole, did they move the ball to have a better lie, etc.  It's these little idiosyncrasies on the golf course that can give you keen knowledge about the personalities at play and adjust your own approach when you're back in the office.    
Golf to me is a game of strategy, always thinking about your next shot, where do you want to place the place, do you want to play it long or short?  And like all successful strategies, it is all in the execution and there is no better feeling like winning the whole and winning the deal!
Picking up the game of golf can be a key step in your ascension to the top of the heap.  It's great for building rapport and closing the deal.  And it's a pretty fun way to spend a Friday afternoon or two during the summer.
Make a resolution with yourself to take some lessons once springtime rolls around.  Or if you're rusty, invest in spending some time at an indoor driving range during the winter months.  Don't be left behind when the inevitable summertime tournaments come around.
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