Personal Priorities

As women, we juggle so many lives: career woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter and girlfriend.  One of the tricks I've learned to help me juggle it all is to be a strategic thinker.  I have always been a strategic thinker, and I honed that skill over my 11 years at Anheuser-Busch Companies. That training taught me to be a better multi-tasker, something I carry with me today. 
Particularly when you work in Corporate America, you have to evaluate where you are and where you want to go. You MUST have a plan!  You can't climb that corporate ladder without a strategic vision for how you plan to get to the next rung. Take stock of where you are and what your strengths are. One of the most important skills you must develop (if you don't have it already) is understanding the importance of promoting yourself.  Of course it can be uncomfortable to tout your abilities, but it could make all the difference between moving up and staying put.  Find mentors and work on being the smartest person in the room; but also understand when to show those smarts and when to sit back and let someone else drive the car.   
Something else people don't think about when they're in Corporate America is balancing your work life with your personal life.  When you work in corporate America, you make a lot of sacrifices with regard to your personal time. But, when you can, make sure that you're making time smell the roses; make time to exercise, spend time with family, reconnect with friends, even volunteer. Constantly look for ways to replenish your mind, body and spirit, which will ultimately make you more successful in your business life.
As you ascend the corporate ladder, you will find your calendar increasingly filled with more social obligations.  Socially, my husband and I are invited to a lot of events, but I can't go to everything, so often, I have to really sit down and evaluate each invitation.  I have to determine socially and professionally what I can and can't attend.  But you have to do it in a way that makes everyone feel important and not feel as though they're getting shafted.  It won't be easy, but over time, you'll figure out how to strike the right chord. 
The following are my tried and true rules for balancing it all:
  1. Manage our calendar
  2. Learn when to say No
  3. Be a good listener
  4. Take lots of good notes
  5. Lists, Lists, Lists
  6. Have a good assistant
  7. Have talented people around you
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